Brian Ash Visits Tamayose Sensei


I had an amazing time. Tamayose Sensei and Masako are wonderful hosts.
The first day was a day to recover from the trip.
Sensei picked me up and we went to Miyagi Chojun monument. Then to Fukusyuen in Naha City. Was built in celebration of the sister city relationship between Naha and Fuzhou in China.
Then to Sensei’s home for the first of many lunches made by Masako.
Next day we toured to different castle sites and the Aquarium. I was able to go to Hama Higa island and Miyagi island. Sensei took me to Uechi Sensei for some Isshin-Ryu karate training.
The next six days we trained in the morning, and site seeing in afternoon. I was very fortunate that Sensei did not have other visitors during this time. I also went to Shurijo castle, the Habu museum, took in an Eisa show. Went to the Gyokusendo Cave, and many other cultural sites. I had an unforgettable time with Tamayose Sensei Masako and his family. Lisa and I will be going back in July for the world tournament. The last day We trained at the beach, had a great lunch by Masako, and sayonara party with the family that night.

Brian Ash, Bozeman, Montana


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