Team Tesshinkan Big Medal Sweep at Worlds


Winners from Team Tesshinkan in the Okinawa Times

Winners from Team Tesshinkan in the Okinawa Times

2015 Okinawa Traditional Kobudo World Tournament

These are the Tesshinkan placings at the World Tournament as posted by Sensei Frank Pelny. Omigoto everyone!

1st place : Hagen Walter  (GER) / SAI adult male
                                         Sergei Mirutenko  (BLR) /  BÔ senior male
                                         Kyoka Yamakawa Shapland (CAN) / BÔ Junior High female

2nd place :   Frank Pelny (GER) / BÔ senior male
Pavel Dolgachev (RUS) /  BÔ-SHIAI

4th place place: Brian Ash (USA) /  BÔ senior male
Kevin Mellor (CAN) /  SAI senior male

5th place:     Lisa McLain Ash (USA) /  BÔ senior female

6th place: Sebastian Edelmann (GER) /  SAI adult male
Igor Mirutenko (BLR) / BÔ adult male
Andrea Bernhardt (GER) /  SAI adult female

7th place: Doreen Schilling (GER) /  BÔ adult female
Pavel Dolgachev (RUS) /  SAI adult male

13 of 14 Tesshinkan-paticipants placed!
Honor-Award (Honor-Certificate) of the Okinawa Ken Kobudô Renmei

At the Sayonara-party after the World Tournament, 9 foreigners received an Honor-Award in acknowledgment of their work spreading Ryûkyû Kobudô.

3 of them were Tesshinkan-members:

* Donald Shapland (CAN)
* Frank Pelny (GER)
* Rainer Seibert (GER)
5. DAN Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan – Frank Pelny (GER)

3. DAN Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan – Doreen Schilling (GER)
– Viktor Vollmer (GER)
3. DAN Ryûkyû Shôrin-Ryû Tesshinkan – Hagen Walter (GER)