Grading Results from September

We had two seminars this September. The first was in Chilliwack September 11 – 13 and the second (which was a first) on Salt Spring Island the following weekend. This is a time when Tamayose Sensei comes to give us the benefit of his knowledge and to conduct a dan grading along with Shapland Sensei and members of the Technical Committee. Here are the results. Omigoto to all.

Rainer Todsen  Godan  Qualicum

Mac Newton  Yondan  Courtney

Ionne McCauley Sandan  Qualicum

Larry Gilbert Sandan  Qualicum

Olen Vanderleeden Shodan  Coquitlam

Lance Smith Shodan  Coquitlam

Wayne Ferris Shodan  Qualicum

Kirsty Oliviera  Salt Spring

Jamie Hanlon  Ikkyu  Edmonton