Founding of the North American Tesshinkan Rengokai

We are pleased and excited to announce the founding of the ┬áNorth America Tesshinkan Rengokai. At the recent October seminar with Tamayose Sensei in Chilliwack, BC, the shibu cho dojo instructors met to discuss current issues and to found the NATR. The purpose is to get all the dojo a little better organized and to make better use of the experience and knowledge we have in North America. We also want to take some of the weight for organizing events from the shoulders of Shapland Sensei who has been doing most of the organizing and planning on his own. With better communication, we can also make the best use of Tamayose Sensei’s time when he is in North America. It is our hope that we can meet regularly as senior kobudoka to share knowledge and improve our overall standard. These are pretty exciting times of Ryukyu kobudo in North America and we will let you know how things unfold.