Shibucho Meet in Nanaimo

The available members of Tesshinkan North America held a Shibucho meeting in Nanaimo Sunday February 21st, 2016 at the Shima Karate School.  Mike Scales will send an email to Kurt Nordli to thank him for renting us his dojo.

The purpose of the get together was to have a meeting regarding issues surrounding the formal establishment of Tesshinkan North America (TNA) and to agree on the standardization of sets of Kihon for the various Kobudo weapons.

The day’s proceedings started with the Shibucho meeting at 11:00 am.  Present were as follows:

Mike Scales – meeting chairperson.

Rainer Todsen

Mac Newton

Chris Bailey

Pat Byron

Holly Tuttle

Norm Losier

Graham Adams

James Dykes



Grading Results from September

We had two seminars this September. The first was in Chilliwack September 11 – 13 and the second (which was a first) on Salt Spring Island the following weekend. This is a time when Tamayose Sensei comes to give us the benefit of his knowledge and to conduct a dan grading along with Shapland Sensei and members of the Technical Committee. Here are the results. Omigoto to all.

Rainer Todsen  Godan  Qualicum

Mac Newton  Yondan  Courtney

Ionne McCauley Sandan  Qualicum

Larry Gilbert Sandan  Qualicum

Olen Vanderleeden Shodan  Coquitlam

Lance Smith Shodan  Coquitlam

Wayne Ferris Shodan  Qualicum

Kirsty Oliviera  Salt Spring

Jamie Hanlon  Ikkyu  Edmonton

Team Tesshinkan Big Medal Sweep at Worlds


Winners from Team Tesshinkan in the Okinawa Times

Winners from Team Tesshinkan in the Okinawa Times

2015 Okinawa Traditional Kobudo World Tournament

These are the Tesshinkan placings at the World Tournament as posted by Sensei Frank Pelny. Omigoto everyone!

1st place : Hagen Walter  (GER) / SAI adult male
                                         Sergei Mirutenko  (BLR) /  BÔ senior male
                                         Kyoka Yamakawa Shapland (CAN) / BÔ Junior High female

2nd place :   Frank Pelny (GER) / BÔ senior male
Pavel Dolgachev (RUS) /  BÔ-SHIAI

4th place place: Brian Ash (USA) /  BÔ senior male
Kevin Mellor (CAN) /  SAI senior male

5th place:     Lisa McLain Ash (USA) /  BÔ senior female

6th place: Sebastian Edelmann (GER) /  SAI adult male
Igor Mirutenko (BLR) / BÔ adult male
Andrea Bernhardt (GER) /  SAI adult female

7th place: Doreen Schilling (GER) /  BÔ adult female
Pavel Dolgachev (RUS) /  SAI adult male

13 of 14 Tesshinkan-paticipants placed!
Honor-Award (Honor-Certificate) of the Okinawa Ken Kobudô Renmei

At the Sayonara-party after the World Tournament, 9 foreigners received an Honor-Award in acknowledgment of their work spreading Ryûkyû Kobudô.

3 of them were Tesshinkan-members:

* Donald Shapland (CAN)
* Frank Pelny (GER)
* Rainer Seibert (GER)
5. DAN Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan – Frank Pelny (GER)

3. DAN Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan – Doreen Schilling (GER)
– Viktor Vollmer (GER)
3. DAN Ryûkyû Shôrin-Ryû Tesshinkan – Hagen Walter (GER)

Technical Committee Appointed

Don Shapland Sensei, our chief instructor for North America, has selected a Technical Committee to act as advisors and to direct the technical direction of NATR. They are:
Don Shapland, Chilliwack, BC
Dan Antonsen, BC
Brian Ash, Montana
Thomas Hodges, Florida
Rainer Todsen, Qualicum, BC

Brian Ash Visits Tamayose Sensei


I had an amazing time. Tamayose Sensei and Masako are wonderful hosts.
The first day was a day to recover from the trip.
Sensei picked me up and we went to Miyagi Chojun monument. Then to Fukusyuen in Naha City. Was built in celebration of the sister city relationship between Naha and Fuzhou in China.
Then to Sensei’s home for the first of many lunches made by Masako.
Next day we toured to different castle sites and the Aquarium. I was able to go to Hama Higa island and Miyagi island. Sensei took me to Uechi Sensei for some Isshin-Ryu karate training.
The next six days we trained in the morning, and site seeing in afternoon. I was very fortunate that Sensei did not have other visitors during this time. I also went to Shurijo castle, the Habu museum, took in an Eisa show. Went to the Gyokusendo Cave, and many other cultural sites. I had an unforgettable time with Tamayose Sensei Masako and his family. Lisa and I will be going back in July for the world tournament. The last day We trained at the beach, had a great lunch by Masako, and sayonara party with the family that night.

Brian Ash, Bozeman, Montana


Founding of the North American Tesshinkan Rengokai

We are pleased and excited to announce the founding of the  North America Tesshinkan Rengokai. At the recent October seminar with Tamayose Sensei in Chilliwack, BC, the shibu cho dojo instructors met to discuss current issues and to found the NATR. The purpose is to get all the dojo a little better organized and to make better use of the experience and knowledge we have in North America. We also want to take some of the weight for organizing events from the shoulders of Shapland Sensei who has been doing most of the organizing and planning on his own. With better communication, we can also make the best use of Tamayose Sensei’s time when he is in North America. It is our hope that we can meet regularly as senior kobudoka to share knowledge and improve our overall standard. These are pretty exciting times of Ryukyu kobudo in North America and we will let you know how things unfold.